Hi guys, welcome back to my beautiful space, thank you so much for being patient with me because things just happened along the way you know.

Guess what😎😎😎, we are in September!!!!! just four months left till 2021. Oh my God it is unbelievable that we all went through a lot of issue here, here and here!. I felt so sad about Chadwick Boseman but one thing I believe that he had lived his best life, trust me ehhh think about all movies he acts.

Oh yes!! Happy New month guys 😍😍😍😍. New September, New beginning, New fresh start and of course New blessings!!!!

I pray for this new month that your joy will be overflowing in the midst of trouble,trial & life challenges. Amen

Hope to see you in my next post.

Quote of the day: sometimes in the mist of pain, you have to move on and keep being strong!!!


Hi guys welcome, how are you all doing during this period. I know there is partially movement now around Abuja, Lagos and some states.
I am thinking about this movement around especially when we are supposed to stay at home, not moving around until everything is finally over I mean, when there is no more Convid-19 cases like finally free!!!
But in this case,this question is “ARE WE READY” when this virus cases is not over at all, cases just keeping come up every single moment. Please if you want to go out, go out for this purpose you want to go out for and come back home safely not that you will move around from market to friend’s house, from friend’s house to another place. Please don’t do that!!!!! I know you are boring, I am bored too, we all are….
It is just a moment and it will soon pass. If you have resume work, there are some tips we can do for healthy safe.

  • Always wear mask at all time and also have hand sanitizer in your office & in your bag too.
  • Use your elbow while coughing.
  • First thing you need to do when you get home is take shower immediately. I believe it will help us along the way.

Safe safe and sound….. See you in my next post.😍😍😍😍😍

Review on The Train movie (Daddy Mike Bamiloye’s true life story)

Hi guys, welcome back to this beautiful post, will like to thank you for commenting on my posts and it means so much to me so today, I will be doing reviews on the beautiful movie produced by The mount Zion movie production and thought of saying my points and it affect my life positively ways.

Pls note that it is Christian movie and I am a Christian, will love to share my faith here too.

So let get into it yh!!!. The train movie was about true life story of Daddy Mike Bamiloye, how his life started during childhood, how he met Christ and got Vision for drama ministry and then it was very touching story for me personally but I do believe that there might be some particular scene that question your Christian lifestyle and your faith too. There are fews point that I will make use of it personally, I mean personally and I don’t know if it does make point to you but still I will share it here.

1. Childhood memories might not be best but God still know us personally even when people only know our past but God is still here and willing to accept us as His children.

2. There was a particular scene when Daddy Mike share his vision to his pastor and Elders of his church about drama ministry and that scene got me laughing seriously. It make me ask myself this question “what will happen when people question your vision and couldn’t give you the support you needed most”, it tell me that Daddy Mike will still go ahead no matter what. Guys, Never let people make decisions for your vision for you.

3. On marriage issue, I don’t know if I have the kind of faith that mummy Bamiloye had and still have when she knows that Daddy Mike do not have job & no resources at all and drama ministry was not popular as then but still choose to believe in God and His vision for drama ministry. I call it “This is a crazy faith” I must say!!!!!

Let me not say anything again, you need to watch it yourself and it will bless you beyond your imagination. Just click the link below!!!.

Daddy Mike Bamiloye

Hope you guys are safe during the lockdown, it is just a moment and it will soon pass. Pls be safe and stay at home.

Food for thought series 1: COMPARISON

Hi guys welcome back to another beautiful post n hope we are good with all pandemic ongoing in this world. Please if you asked to stay at home, pls do so trust me we don’t want to be infected. I pray we have strength to be safe n calm.

So today’s post is to be a some kind of food for thought which means I pick a particular topic concerning circumstances or the environment around us. So let talk about it 😎😎😎

The word “comparison” can be exhausted to most time because I can’t stress the fact that I hate comparison in some terms. Most of the times I have find myself in some type of situations where people compare me or see other people compare forgot that our journey are differents in so many ways.

According to Merriam- Webster dictionary, it defined comparison as the act or the process of comparing such as’ representing of one thing or person as similar to our like another. You can’t compare people no matter how much you feel like because everyone is unique in their own way or because it will make people feel bad or feel depressed thinking that they can’t do enough. If I have to pick message from the Bible about comparison, that would be Matthew chapter 25 vs 14-28 but the most outline in vs 15 say”And unto me he gave five talents , to another two talents and to another one; to every man according to his several ability and straightway took his journey. Yes this is it, No comparison at all, just according to their ability and capacity.

Please let say No to comparison. Let give them their space according to their special needs.

I celebrate everyone with their special needs no matter how much people compare you or you compare yourself, just know that God has already know your blueprint of your life before you were formed in your mother’s womb. So never give up, be yourself, be happy and live within your standard only then will you be fulfilled.

See you in my next post and Happy Easter in advance 😍😍😍😍😍

Still just a little girl!!!!

Hi guys,welcome back to my blog and hope you guys are doing well….. Yh let get in!!!!

Yh as you can see the title of the blog for today as we are celebrating international women’s day and I just felt like express myself through this blog 😊😊😊

Every woman in her 20s, 30s, 40s, and so on still want to be behave like a little girl, yes, they still do and they are still just a little girl. Even married women are still just a girl, they might be matured and facing their reality, they still want to be that little girl in picture!!!!

Women, you are beautifully and wonderfully made!!πŸ€—πŸ€—, Never let people make you feel inferior no matter what and you are still that little girl in you that yearning a pinkastic themed Cinderella affair!!!. Sometimes in you make things easier for yourself and to make you accept your flaws. We might not be the best version of ourselves but I bet you, no kidding that you are actually getting here ” “the better version“.

Quote of the day: Always celebrate your self no matter what comes your way and have a lot of self care and love.


Where have I been???? Happy New year 2020πŸ’―βœ”οΈ

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog, I know it has been awhile Sha!!!. Your girl is trying to adjust for this 2020 dramaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!!! It is hard for me to cope with all drama from fashion training center & home and it is not very funny for me Sha…….

Happy New year guys, I pray may this year be filled with goodness, joy and we will see many more years to come in Jesus name we pray (Amen )!. So see you in my next post soon😍😍😍😍

Quote of the day; just take a risk, nothing can stop you and you will be the one to face the consequences of your everyday life decision making whether good or bad………

2019, WHAT A YEAR!!!

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog and of course another lovely postπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ lol…

Today’s post is all about sharing my lessons learnt in 2019 and it was very sensitive year for me because I might not tell you everything until the storm is calmed so let go!!!!

2019 is a very rough year I can confidently say for myself, yh it is somehow bad but still thank God for the gift of life. I struggle with financial challenge throughout this year, couldn’t get a job and had health challenges at some point. It was very tiring year for me but I still keep moving forward to better days, month and year😊😊😊.

I learnt so many lessons at some point which I am going sharing it now.

Lesson number one; just pray, praise &worship when you don’t feel like doing it, believe me it help me to keep calm all the time, keeping my mind in check and being contend with myself.

Lesson number two; friend will always leave you at some point and they might not be here with you through thick and thin. Yh, it is true let me be honest with you guy, I don’t really have true friends and I may only have three or two friend but it was casual friendship.

Lesson number three; Guy’s, this lesson is so important to me and I believe that it might be a important to you. Don’t depends on anybody whether family or friends, people make lots of promise to me and they end up disappointed me, guys I cried alot eh!!!. It was not easy for me at all. I remember someone promised me something at a specified time, I started to depends on that promise later the time for the promise to be fulfilled came, oh boy, this person just somehow behave and ignore me. I was so sad to the point that depression begin to creep into my mind but I let it go n just focus doing what I have been doing.

Finally lesson number four; Don’t create expectations at all. Like I say dont try it at all because at some point dey end up disappointed you and some emotional crisis will just be repurge at anyhow…. So Don’t create expectations at all.

So guys, it is what I have to share and tell me what was your 2019 have been like for you. So comment guys. Let gist through the comment boxπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

NB: December 13th is my birthday and I need your prayer.


Things I wish I knew before graduating from University!!!!

Hi guys, welcome back to another blog day…..

Today’s Post is might be kind of stuff, just my thoughts so things I wish I knew before graduating from University or college is something I will like to share my thoughts and also want to know your opinion on this.

Firstly, things I wish I knew is life skills, life skills is more important than anything in the world, trust me even with your first degree certificate or you acquired Master degree certificate, you still need life skills. Sometimes I wish I knew on time even before I got admitted to University, I would still have life skills because once you graduate from college, you are on your own, trying to survive without depending on your parents or people around you. I saw some of my mates have life skills like photographer, makeup artist, beauty care, chef, baker, fashion designer and so on…… I felt left outπŸ˜‚…

Things I wish I knew is networking, Networking is more powerful and it has positive advantage. Why networking???? Sometimes I ask myself this question”why networking”. I actually found out that it helps you with opportunities around you. Like for a example, maybe you went for a seminar or professional development events, you network with people around you, who is passing more useful information to empower yourself and eventually someone just told you that there is vacancy or opportunities that others are not aware of this information u are getting from this person and then you took advantage of this information given to u. It is what I call “Networking”. I don’t have friends, guys I don’t have friends and don’t ask me why because I don’t know the real answer.

Things I wish I knew is opportunities only come once, opportunities only come once is usually so true and I always have opportunities around me but I make excuse for this, just a stupidly excuse guys. Please if you see any opportunities around you, make use of it and there is no “What If, why and when” just do it. U can do it during holidays, industrial training and yes of course strike according to the Nigeria University education system, if you schooling in public University in Nigeria you know how annoying strike can be!!!!!!!

Finally, things I wish I knew is time does not wait for anybody. After I graduate from University, time just went fast like seriously!!!!!. It is like I went to school for one year whereas in it is four years course and I have been looking for job for two year. So guys, don’t wait for anybody or Vacancy to come, why look for little work around you in order not to waste your time.

Guys, let me know what are things you wish you knew before graduating , hope to see you in my next Post… Xoxoxo 😘


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The word “Feminist” is really strong word for women out here like seriously!!!. Sometimes it made me feel that it is really good but do it include equal strength for you.

There are some things that requires a lot of strength that only men can do, yeah I know, you just need to know your own feminist style because it will helps you to understand yourself in every sectors you know like Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Education and yh in marriage too. I think some women want equal rights in marriage yeah which is kind of somehow risky. Single ladies if you’re thinking that thought about how you want your marriage should be in equal rights, but please talk about it with your hubby during courtship or dating phase. Nobody will help you out with that feminist things except yourself so talk about it because these days on social media, they make it look like as if it is a must and it does not work that way. Everyone has their own unique to make feminist work for them…

Guys let me know what you think about feminist and I will see you in my next post. Xoxoxo 😘